The Wolverine "gladiator"

Miguel iglesias gladiator wolverine artstation

Time Lapse painting _ Digital art: Superheroe "Gladiators" 1:Wolverine

This is the first of a small series of exercises i began some time ago :)
The premise was to take some comic´s super heroes and redesign them as if they were roman gladiators.

The challenge has been to combine their original visual design elements and powers that make them unique and mix them and suggest them in a believable way with gladiator element from an real historic roman setting. So no super power!
I was difficult but extremely fun thing to do since I love both aspects :) In this case I went for the Wolverine, one of my absolute favorite superheroes since i was a kid.
The reason why I decided to make him this bloody was to hint to the real character´s healing powers and toughness, presenting him in the roman gladiatorial setting as a berserker barbarian that could sustain an amazing level of injuries and still managing to stand up and fight.